Sunday, March 08, 2009

The Cake!

Sorry that this is sideways...I forgot to turn it before posting! This was taken while we were singing "Happy Birthday" to him. He was just beaming!


mom said...

I cannot believe how he has grown since Christmas. I love his smile. Thank you!!! can't wait to see them.

Auntie Beth said...

Love that cake! Who made it for you?

Bop said...

Thanks. I especially wanted the one of him smiling while we were singing HB to him.

DaBoyds said...

I made the cake. I have a special pan...and then I just followed the directions for decorating. I had a cake decorator friend watch over me.

bobamy said...

great job with the cake!! Did you enjoy making it? I think it can get addicting.

The Maris' said...

Sonja, the cake is adorable!! Great job. Was that decorator friend my Momma? I cannot believe Taylor is already 3

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